• Kusliga November
    Kusliga november
    Fotograf: Lars Wagnert
  • Marknad på Rådhustorget
    Välkommen till Vaxholm - Skärgårdens huvudstad!
    Fotograf: Jesper Wahlström
  • Julmarknad i Vaxholm 9 och 10 december
    Julmarknad i Vaxholm 9 och 10 december
    Fotograf: Ragnar Gemsjö
  • Norrhamnen
    Norrhamnen i Vaxholm
    Fotograf: Jesper Wahlström
  • Strömmingsrodd
    Fotograf: Jesper Wahlström
  • Skärgårdsbåtens dag
    Skärgårdsbåtens dag
    Fotograf: Jesper Wahlström

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The restaurant at Waxholm Hotel

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Our chefs handcraft our cuisine with great care and attention to detail. Delicacies fresh from the archipelago’s waters are our speciality. Meat lovers and vegetarians won’t be disappointed by our menu, though. We have dishes to suit every palate.

The jewel in our crown is our newly-renovated Matsalen dining room, with its unique location alongside the Vaxholmskajen quay and its fantastic views overlooking a living masterpiece – the captivatingly beautiful sea. Each new day gives us reason to be thankful for the abundance of breathtakingly beautiful natural scenery that surrounds Waxholms Hotell. Why not come and experience it for yourself?

Delicious food tastes even better when enjoyed in a magnificent natural setting like ours. Our signature dish is undoubtedly our Waxholm herring, served with mashed potatoes and sugared lingonberries. Simple, yet enormously satisfying. Of course, we aim to cater to every taste, and so haven’t forgotten meat lovers in composing our menu. Chef Marcus Norman prepares hearty and delicious traditional Swedish fare, classic meat dishes and tantalising courses that showcase the best of the current season’s delights.

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Address: Hamngatan 2
Zip code: 185 21 Vaxholm
Phone: 46-08-54130150
Alt. Phone:
E-mail: info@waxholmshotell.se
Website: www.waxholmshotell.se