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Vaxholm's history

Vaxholm received city rights in 1647 but the area around Vaxholm had been already inhabited for a thousand years.

Gamla trähus i Norrhamnen i Vaxholm

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Villages existed on the islands Bogesundslandet, Rindö and Resarö during the Viking Age. Settlement on Vaxön began at the end of the 1200s. In the 1500s, Gustav Vasa decided that a fortress would be built between Vaxön and Rindö to defend the entrance to Stockholm. Slowly, Vaxholm City grew on Vaxön - opposite the fortress. The old fortress Citadel still sits on the strait outside the village. A visit to the Citadel takes you back to a time when it was its own little society populated by senior military, soldiers, officer's wives, maids and prisoners. Through dioramas, models and displays, visitors to Vaxholm Fortress Museum can follow the archipelago defence through 500 years. In the late 1800s, the main occupation of Vaxholm residents was fishing. Fresh-caught  Vaxholm herring was very popular in central Stockholm. It was not salted but rather fresh catch of the day. Each morning, the fresh fish was brought up in boats to the market square in Stockholm and was very much in demand. One had to row long distances to get this herring, sometimes all the way out to Sandhamn. Even today, Vaxholm is known for Vaxholm herring - a delicacy that is still served at local pubs. Come and enjoy it right here! During the late 1860s and a little into the 1900s, seaside life in Vaxholm blossomed. Affluent Stockholmers came here to get fresh air. Stockholm had an unhealthy environment with stinking sewers and no garbage collection, so people fled to Vaxholm. Here, the city offered many kinds of bathhouses: open-air baths, hot baths and combined salt, malt, steam and mud baths. Furthermore, Rindöbaden was known to have Europe's most mineral-rich water. Vaxholm became a resort for summer guests.

In Vaxholm, you can enjoy boating life, experience a genuine settlement with gingerbread architecture and glassed-in verandas, and enjoy a wonderful mixture of street life. All in a sunny and welcoming archipelago environment! If you mark it on your calendar, you can be part of Archipelago Boat Day, herring boating, archipelago markets, Christmas markets or one of the other enjoyable events in Vaxholm. The tourist office can give you all the information you need. Welcome to Vaxholm!

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Datum: 2015-03-18