• Ta en tur till Vaxholm på fredag kväll
    Ta en tur till Vaxholm på fredag kväll
  • Norrhamnen
    Norrhamnen i Vaxholm
    Fotograf: Jesper Wahlström
  • Skärgårdsmarknad Vaxholm 19 augusti
    Skärgårdsmarknad Vaxholm 18 augusti
    Fotograf: Jesper Wahlström
  • Skärgårdsbåtens dag
    Skärgårdsbåtens dag 13 juni
    Fotograf: Jesper Wahlström
  • Fira Nationaldagen, 6 juni, i Vaxholm!
    Fira Nationaldagen, 6 juni


Coffe Corner-Kaffehörnan & Annat Gott

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Welcome to the Coffee Corner- Kaffehörnan & Annat gott in Vaxholm. Our passion is good taste. Come in and enjoy our own special blend of newly toasted espresso, or perhaps you prefer a fresh brewed cup of java. Looking for something to take home? Many of our products are from small organic producers. At the Coffee Corner you can always find something good in a friendly and cosy atmosphere!

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Contact: Mikael Fuller
Address: Rådhusgatan 22A
Zip code: 18532 Vaxholm
Phone: 46-070-9198283
Alt. Phone:
E-mail: info@waxholmskaffehorna.se
Website: www.waxholmskaffehorna.se