• Ta en tur till Vaxholm på fredag kväll
    Ta en tur till Vaxholm på fredag kväll
  • Norrhamnen
    Norrhamnen i Vaxholm
    Fotograf: Jesper Wahlström
  • Skärgårdsmarknad Vaxholm 19 augusti
    Skärgårdsmarknad Vaxholm 18 augusti
    Fotograf: Jesper Wahlström
  • Skärgårdsbåtens dag
    Skärgårdsbåtens dag 13 juni
    Fotograf: Jesper Wahlström
  • Fira Nationaldagen, 6 juni, i Vaxholm!
    Fira Nationaldagen, 6 juni

Historiska byggnader

Vikings, counts and barons at Bogesund

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Bogesund is a place in Vaxholm, situated about 30 minutes from Stockholm. For about 1000 years ago there were vikings living in this place. Today we can still see the gravefields and runestones from the Vikingage at Bogesund. In the 1700th century, one of the most powerfull men in Sweden at that time - Count Per Brahe - built a castle at the same place. Two centuries later Baron Nils Hopken rebuild the castle - despite the old 1600's curse. Perhaps that was why the castle was abandoned and fell into disrepair during the 1900s ...

We pick you up in central Stockholm with our comfortable boats. 30 minutes later a guide will meet you up at Bogesund. You walk through the forrest and the guide will show you the remains from the Vikingage and tell you about the chief Gunne and his family that lived at the place. You stay for lunch at Bogesunds Castles Youth hostel. After that the guide will show you Bogesund Castle and tell you about its 400 years old history. After the guided tour the guide will follow you back to the boat. The boat bring you back to Stockholm.  


Start: 10.00 in Stockholm, return 16.00 in Stockholm
Price: 1650 SEK per person
Minimum 4 persons

Available all days 15 April - 30 September.


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