• Ta en tur till Vaxholm på fredag kväll
    Ta en tur till Vaxholm på fredag kväll
  • Norrhamnen
    Norrhamnen i Vaxholm
    Fotograf: Jesper Wahlström
  • Skärgårdsmarknad Vaxholm 19 augusti
    Skärgårdsmarknad Vaxholm 18 augusti
    Fotograf: Jesper Wahlström
  • Skärgårdsbåtens dag
    Skärgårdsbåtens dag 13 juni
    Fotograf: Jesper Wahlström
  • Fira Nationaldagen, 6 juni, i Vaxholm!
    Fira Nationaldagen, 6 juni

Arne Sundberg

Hembygdsgården i Norrhamnen

Vaxholms hembygdsmuseum. Fotograf: Lena Sundberg

Receiver of Vaxholm City's Medal of Merit. Construction engineer, retired from the Armed Forces.

Relationship to Vaxholm:

I grew up in Vaxholm town hall where my father, Knut Sundberg, was Vaxholm's last steward. The position was withdrawn when the magistrate ceased in 1948. He was also, amongst other things, an administrator at the offices of Mayor Björn Hazelius. In 1948, the family moved from the town hall residence to Kungsgatan 15.

What I appreciate about Vaxholm:

So far, the small scale of its old houses, reminiscent of the days when fishing was the dominant industry.

Vaxholm's meaning for me:

Access to nature and leisure activities within close range, not to mention our beautiful archipelago with the Waxholm boats. There's also a big community life.

My best Vaxholm tip:

Considering the background of my involvement in the heritage association, Hembygdsföreningen, it's natural to recommend Hembygdsgården with its museum and summer café. Hembygdsgården is located in the north harbour on Vaxön.

Vaxholms hembygdsmuseum

Vaxholms hembygdsmuseum. Fotograf: Lena Sundberg.

Fiskebåt i Hembygdsmuseet

Vaxholms hembygdsmuseum. Fotograf: Lars Lindström